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I signed up with DriversEd.com not to long ago for $100.00. I am 18 years old and I need to receive my drivers permit, so to prepare I thought that taking a drivers ed course would be a good idea. I did some research and found DriversEd.com - I immediately jumped on them because at the time they looked good ... until I went to the DMV.

Before I signed up with them I questioned them about whether or not they were approved by the state of Texas for adult drivers education, they said yes but they are NOT. On their website they claim that they serve all 50 states for adults and they don't. (See screen shot image: http://yfrog.com/49adultj)

Okay, so like I was saying the Texas DMV does not approve their courses! The woman informed me that the only website approved drivers ed courses were linked in a .pdf file on the DMV website, and that there is only ONE (1) website they approve of -- and by the way it's about $50.00 cheaper than DriversEd.com. *To be fair, I got 20% for their "Winter Special" but every time I have visited their website they run a special for that month or that season ... evidently it's not really a "special," now is it? Still the website approved by the DMV is much cheaper for adults.

They are frauds and I would recommend that you do NOT use them. I can't speak for the teenage portion of the website, however, with the information I have given you I would strongly recommend that you visit your local DMV and request a list of THEIR STATE approved schools including online schools.

If you go to the Texas DMV website: http://www.txdps.state.tx.us/DriverLicense/

You may read their article for "New law affects 18 to 24 year-old driver license applicants (PDF)"

and in that there is a link to the list of approved courses.

Good Luck to you all with getting your license! Please be more cautious than I was.

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i was looking into this company until i found this page. thanks for the heads up, i am not looking to be scammed at all.

i decided to go with 911drivingschool.com/drivers-education-adults taught by actual police officers.

i hope all of you out there that have been scammed find a better option. thanks ya'll


Anybody can provide advise of a good on-line school in Houston for providing defensive driving course approved by the state of Texas.


Houston, Texas, United States #1046019

Anybody can provide advise of a good on-line school for providing defensive driving course.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #993355

This is approved, genius. And it's now only like 45 dollars.

I even googled coupon codes for the adult course and one actually worked!

So I got a percentage taken off. There are plenty of other sites that don't even offer it above $75, so why would yoy pay $100??

Dallas, Texas, United States #905575

Driversed.com is actually great! They are definitely are accepted by DPS, the DPS suggested me 2 go to driversed!!!! I completed parent taught with this company and i loved it

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #784281

horrible customer service, will try and trick you into their drivers training instead of parent taught. Avoid at all costs.... Made our kiddo take the training over and over again because they forgot to change the class to the other one after saying they did..

Dallas, Texas, United States #775887

They stole my money. They locked me out and when I called they said the recognized two different voices which was an excuse to steal my money.

I had to register with another company. Please do not register with them texasadultdriver.com It's a fraud company.


DriversEd.com is definitely approved for Texas Adult Drivers Ed, i don't know what this reviewer is thinking. Plus the course is only $75 not including discounts, so the $100 he said he paid is BS... Did this guy actually take the course or what???


I'm not real sure where you were looking but they are indeed on every list in Texas as approved.


Driversed.com Is an approved course in the state of Texas.


thank you sooo much for this little article. i was seconds away from paying driver's ed and wasting a whole lot of time!


I am looking for a good cheap easy drivers ed online parent taught course for living in Texas im 17. Where can i find this? HELP :(

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